Despite the numerous conservative non-surgical options that are available for treating hammertoe, a toe deformity that causes the toes to bend, sometimes surgery is necessary for correcting severe cases. A skilled podiatrist like Dr. Russell Samofal of Podiatry Center of New Jersey specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and has the expertise to treat hammertoes surgically after all possible conservative measures are tried.

The goal of surgical procedures for hammertoes is to realign the toe joints and minimize contraction so that toes can remain straight during standing, walking, and other activities. Hammertoes can be flexible or rigid depending on the severity, which determines what type of surgery will be performed. There are 2 general categories for hammertoe surgery:

Joint resection

This method is used especially for rigid hammertoes, during which the end of the affected joint is removed so that the toe can be straightened. Hardware may be used to hold the correctly aligned position.


During this bone mending procedure, the entire misaligned joint is removed, and the ends of the bones are pinned together with hardware.

The surrounding ligaments and tendons are also repaired or realigned in order to allow the toe to maintain a straightened position. For flexible hammertoes, a tendon from the top of the toe may be transferred to the bottom of the toe for correct alignment.


Hammertoe surgeries are often performed as outpatient procedures, so you will be able to return home the same day. Healing can take about 6 weeks, and exercises and physical therapy play an important part in the recovery process.

Like any medical procedure, you want to feel confident and comfortable with the surgeon who will operate and guide your recovery. Dr. Russell Samofal, a board-certified and experienced podiatrist has performed many surgeries for people suffering from all types of foot and ankle deformities. From bunions, sports injuries, nail fungus, and diabetic foot problems, you can trust that Dr. Samofal and his staff are dedicated to your foot health. Please contact us at our Wayne office at (973) 925-4111 to schedule an appointment today!