All the Need-To-Know Info About Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

  Knowledge is power, and the more foot-related conditions you’re aware of, the better prepared you’ll be to understand what may be causing your discomfort. In this blog, Podiatry Center of New Jersey focuses on Tarsal tunnel syndrome and the causes, symptoms, and various treatment options available. Understanding Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs […]

Peripheral Neuropathy or Something Else? Understanding Common Misdiagnoses and Finding Answers

  It’s Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week, and it’s time to shed light on this condition. An important first step is for patients to understand that due to peripheral neuropathy’s diverse range of symptoms and underlying causes, it is often mistaken for other ailments. Podiatry Center of New Jersey is here to set the record straight […]

Unveiling Common Foot Infections

  It may be tempting to try and let foot infections clear up on their own, however, this course of action will most likely lead to more serious consequences down the line. Foot infections can lead to discomfort, pain, and even severe complications if left untreated, so prompt treatment is key. It’s also important to […]

How to Differentiate Between Corns and Calluses

  It can be difficult to decipher between certain foot conditions, especially ones that have similar characteristics. This is often the case with corns and calluses, as they are confused for one another at first glance. However, understanding the differences between corns and calluses is crucial so you can be accurately diagnosed. Podiatry Center of […]