Believe it or not, a wart! A wart is a growth on the skin caused by a virus. Warts usually spread in places with a lot of children, such as in locker rooms or at the pool. Warts can also spread from children to adults. However, due to a child’s fragile immune system, children have a higher chance of getting a wart.


I am a big fan of prevention and the good news is it is possible to help prevent getting warts altogether. The best way do this is to wash your children’s feet regularly and have them wear flip flops rather than walk barefoot in public areas with wet floors. It is important to inspect your children’s feet regularly and if you spot a wart, know that there are a few treatment options available. I recommend treating warts at the first sign because while some warts may go away on their own, others will get worse, and ignoring them can lead to them growing and causing pain, especially while walking.


There are several ways to treat warts. When you first spot a wart, try purchasing an over-the-counter medication which contains salicylic acid. However, if you have been treating the wart for one month and don’t see any improvement, it is best to seek professional help and go to a Podiatrist. A Podiatrist has a few options as well; they can freeze it, heat it, or apply prescription strength topical wart treatments. These methods will all kill the wart and prevent the virus from spreading.