Children’s foot care (podo-pediatric) and podiatric health is important to us at Podiatry Center of New Jersey. Whether your Child is at James Fallon Elementary, Schuyler-Cofax Middle School, George Washington Middle School, Wayne Valley High, Wayne Hills High or any of the other Wayne Township schools – our Wayne, NJ podiatry office is here to serve your child’s foot and ankle care needs.

Now let’s talk about flat feet and children. A flat foot is much more common in kids (as well as adults) than a high arch. Flat feet are usually noticed by parents when they realize their child may be getting tired and is unable to walk or run for long distances like their peers. The sooner that flat feet are addressed, the better.


If treated early enough, orthotics can be prescribed to help children with flat feet. If orthotics are worn regularly, they will actually help the child’s foot grow in a more correct position, resulting in a more normal arch. This is critical because this will help prevent problems in the future such as early arthritis or painful feet in general. If you notice that your child gets tired easily after physical activity and/or if you see that your child has flat feet when they are standing, it is important to make sure they are wearing proper shoes with good arch support. The next step is to go to a Podiatrist. A Podiatrist can make a custom orthotic, tailored to your child’s foot. This will help sculpt the foot of your child as they grow and if caught early enough, may help permanently improve the arch.


Flat feet are often hereditary so if you or your spouse have flat feet, it is important to evaluate your child’s feet early on to see what arch they have. Some people who have flat feet don’t experience pain or discomfort but if you have flat feet that are painful, it is important to check your child’s feet for flatness. Getting them comfortable shoes with good arch support and custom orthotics will help prevent them from arthritis and foot pain as they age.

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