It could be after exercising, going to a fancy event, or first thing in the morning when you wake up. When heel pain occurs, it affects your whole body and is one of the most common reasons to see a podiatrist. Since your feet support your entire weight, when there is discomfort, your gait could change and soon there may be pain elsewhere in your body. Here are some common causes for why you may be experiencing heel pain:

  • Plantar fasciitis – One of the most common causes of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is the inflammation and pain of the thick ligament connecting your heel bone to the toes that results from overstretching or stress. Pain is usually most prevalent in the morning, and after long periods of standing or resting.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome – A compression neuropathy in which the large nerve that runs behind the heel becomes entrapped or squeezed. It can be caused by flatfoot, an injury, diabetes or arthritis and results in tingling, burning or pain.
  • Achilles tendinitis – the Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to the heel bone. Tendinitis occurs when it is overused, leading to inflammation and pain.
  • Sever’s disease – a condition in adolescent children that results from injury to the growth plate in the heel. Bones grow faster than muscles and tendons, so repeated stress on the foot through increased activity can lead to pain and inflammation.

No matter what kind of heel pain you have, it is often difficult to know the exact cause. Each of the above conditions requires different specialized treatments. Therefore, seeing an experienced board-certified podiatrist like Dr. Russell Samofal is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment plan. Dr. Samofal specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, so no matter how severe the condition, he has the expertise to treat it. If you are experiencing heel pain, have bunions, or fungal nails, Podiatry Center of New Jersey can help you achieve healthier feet! To make an appointment or contact us, please call our office in Wayne, NJ at (973) 925-4111.