Category: Common Foot Conditions

Arthritis Often Affects Your Feet First

Arthritis is the name given to a variety of conditions that erode the lining of your joints, causing inflammation and pain as bones rub against each other. While arthritic conditions eventually affect the back, neck, hips, and knees, it is frequently first diagnosed in the hands, feet, and ankles. See your foot doctor at the […]

Hammertoe Symptoms and Treatments

Hammertoe is a condition that can cause the joints of your middle toes to bend in the shape of a hammer, which is how it got its name. Although your big toe is not susceptible to becoming bent in this manner, bunions can cause it to bend in other ways. The main cause of hammertoes […]

Achilles Heel Causes Sudden Pain

The largest tendon in your body is the Achilles tendon that is easily identified by its thick, cord-like appearance at the top of the back part of your heel. A severe injury to this tendon can cause considerable pain and discomfort, but probably not as bad as having an arrow shot into it. This tendon […]

What Are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are small bony bumps or spikes that grow on the back of the heel bone. They are formed by an excessive buildup of calcium. The condition is caused by the stress and pressure on the tendons and ligaments of the feet and ankles. A heel spur is not always painful, but since it […]

Stubbing Your Toe Causes Other Problems

Since there are so many nerve endings in your toes, when you stub your toe— usually the big toe — it can feel incredibly painful, even when the injury isn’t severe. Once the initial shock and pain have subsided, you can take a closer look and see how bad the damage is. If you heard […]

4 Treatments for Painful Bunions

A bump on the joint of your big toe may indicate the formation of a bunion. As the bump grows larger, the toe will be forced over into the other toes, creating other problems including blisters, corns, and calluses. As the condition progresses, you may experience problems with over and underlapping toes. People who have bunions […]

Tackling Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The tarsal tunnel is actually a channel incorporated into the design of your foot located between your ankle bone and the ligaments that span the length and width of your foot. This so-called tunnel carries the nerves, tendons, and blood vessels that feed your feet. The most important nerve inside the tarsal tunnel is the […]

Taking Care of Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are created by thickened layers of skin that most commonly form on your hands, fingers, toes, and heels. When they appear on your feet, it is usually the result of excess friction and pressure created by poorly-fitted shoes or sandals. Calluses, which tend to be much larger than corns, are commonly located […]

Treating Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous growths that appear as small bumps on the top of your foot. They are soft, immovable, fluid-filled sacs and they may grow just beneath the surface of the skin which makes them hard to detect and diagnose. They tend to grow on a ligament, tendon, or muscle, and are frequently found […]