Summer is in full stride here in New Jersey, and that means people are experiencing hot days and hopefully enjoying a vacation! Summer is prime time for swimming, beaches, barbecues, and plenty of opportunities to show off your feet, but it is also when there is a dramatic increase in foot and ankle problems. The following are some common foot problems that people experience particularly in the summer:

  1. Sun exposure – It is important to keep in mind that feet need protection even in the summer. Any exposed skin is susceptible to sunburn, and feet are often neglected when it comes to sunscreen use. To avoid painful sunburns, apply sunscreen all over your feet and toes!
  2. Blisters – A new pair of sandals that causes friction often results in painful blisters. Pick out comfortable sandals that are less likely to cause them, and always keep them clean and covered without intentionally popping them.
  3. Fungal infections – Walking around barefoot exposes the feet to contract fungal infections from moist surfaces like swimming pools and shower/locker rooms. Any time you are in a public area, be sure to protect your feet with some sandals.
  4. Heel pain – Wearing unsupportive, flimsy sandals can lead to problems like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and stress fractures. Find footwear with thick, supportive soles and more than one foot-strap to minimize stress.
  5. Dry skin – Exposing the feet to the elements all day can take its toll, especially on the skin. Keep the heels and other areas moisturized to minimize bleeding or infections from dryness.

An important way to prevent serious foot and ankle issues is to see a podiatrist early at the first signs of discomfort. Whether you have nail fungus, experience heel pain, or injure your ankle while running on the beach, you can seek help from Dr. Russell Samofal of Podiatry Center of New Jersey. Located in Wayne, NJ, Dr. Samofal is a board-certified foot care specialist who prides himself on compassionate, individualized care for all of his patients. Please contact us or call us at (973) 925-4111 to schedule an appointment today!