Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s a walk with your dog, a leisurely hike or a trail run. Running is an activity that is very popular, and it’s never too late for anyone to start. All you need is some motivation and a good pair of running shoes!

Beware of the following mistakes people make when buying running shoes:

  1. Being unaware of the different types of shoes – If you are planning to train for a marathon, you shouldn’t be choosing a shoe that’s meant for an aerobics class. Each shoe has differing cushioning, support, traction, and flexibility depending on what activity you plan, so make sure your shoe matches what your intentions are.
  2. Shopping in the morning – It is best to go shopping in the afternoon when your feet tend to be biggest. You should also choose a half size larger to avoid blisters and bruised toenails, as your feet tend to swell during exercise.
  3. Assuming sizes are the same – Even if you know you are a certain size in one brand, there is no guarantee that the same size will fit for a different brand. Always try on both shoes at the store to check for sizing.
  4. Not knowing your foot type – Even though running shoes may look similar, many are built to accommodate different foot types. Some people’s feet roll in towards the arches and others’ feet tend to roll outwards, so knowing will help which type of shoe will fit best.

Before going to a shoe store and picking out your shoes, it is also important to make sure your feet are in good health. Seeing a podiatrist before starting a new exercise regime can help ensure that your feet are ready and that injuries can be prevented. Dr. Russell Samofal of Podiatry Center of New Jersey has been helping patients with all kinds of foot and ankle issues, and sees many athletes for their common injuries like heel pain, bunions, and shin splints. Contact our Wayne office at (973) 925-4111 to schedule an appointment!