Let Your Socks Save Your Feet

There are certain outfits that some people think you shouldn’t wear with socks. Some just don’t like wearing them at all. However, socks can save your feet from various problems. Issues like sweating, clammy and damp feet, peeling, cracking, and calluses could all be headed your way if you let the bacteria and fungus grow […]

Reading Your Shoes

Everyday the average American walks 8,000 steps a day, so it’s no surprise that our shoes and feet can get worn down. Looking at the soles of your shoes can tell you a lot about your individual feet, like how you walk.   When you walk, the weight of your body naturally shifts from the […]

Damaging Effects of High Heels

It’s no surprise that high heels cause pain and discomfort, but that doesn’t prevent people from wearing them for style, fashion, and special occasions. But how bad are they for our bodies? How do they affect your feet and ankles? The following areas are most affected by wearing high heels: Feet – Excessive pressure on […]

Choosing the Best Basketball Sneaker

With the NCAA’s March Madness well under way, there is currently a lot of focus on basketball! Many fans not only like to watch the game but also participate in the sport themselves. Like all sports, it is important to have the proper footwear to minimize injuries, so here is a guide to choosing the […]

Best Shoes for Bunions

Shoe shopping can be a time-consuming and exhausting activity if you’re not sure what exactly you are looking for. Walking into a shoe store only to be met with too many options and pushy salespeople can make the experience overwhelming as well. However, shoes are extremely important for your daily activity and foot health, so […]

Choosing Your Winter Boot

As winter approaches the New England area, many people may be considering buying a winter boot to get through the snowy winter season. It may seem like purchasing winter boots isn’t as important as buying an athletic shoe, but ensuring that your feet are protected well from the harsh winter elements is important and will […]

Back to School Shoe Shopping

It is that time of year again when summer is winding down and parents and students are preparing for the new school year to begin. There are many back to school sales that go on, so it is a perfect time to buy a new pair of shoes! However, it is important to know what […]