Stubbing your toe is often quite a startling and painful experience, since the toes have a limited amount of cushioning tissue to insulate them from any shock and they also have a large number of nerve endings that transmit the sensation of pain to your brain. Oftentimes, a stubbed toe can be very painful without being too serious, but in some instances you may have sustained a more severe injury that may require proper diagnosis and treatment with your foot care specialist.

Your toe may be broken

This is a distinct possibility. The symptoms of a toe fracture include severe pain upon the first touch of weight on the toe, bleeding under the toenail, and swelling and bruising that lasts for several days or more.

A severely stubbed toe is also likely to involve a tendon injury, ligament sprain, or even a complete joint dislocation. Other complicating factors to consider include the possibility of infection and the development of osteoarthritis in the toe that was affected. Arthritis often occurs in body parts that have sustained an injury, and sometimes doesn’t show up until years after the initial event.

Stubbed toe treatments

The pain of a stubbed toe will often subside within a few days. If pain persists beyond that, it may be an indication of a more serious problem requiring the services of a foot care professional. After an initial comprehensive foot inspection, an x-ray or MRI will be performed to check for any broken bones. A broken toe can often be successfully treated by taping it to the toe next to it and wearing a special boot or shoe for immobilization while the healing process occurs.

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