An ingrown toenail is one of the most common conditions seen by podiatrists. The condition often affects the big toe, but your other toes may be similarly affected. While the origin of this condition is possibly hereditary, it is often exacerbated by wearing tight-fitting shoes, improper cutting of the toenails, and fungal nail infections. A nail infection can contribute to the nail growing abnormally into the edge of the toe, causing considerable pain and discomfort.

Ingrown toenail treatments

If the ingrown toenail has not progressed too far, soaking the foot in a salted bath will help to reduce some of the pain and inflammation, with the added benefit of keeping the area clean and helping to avoid bacterial contamination. One way to help the nail start growing in the right direction is to lift up the edge of the nail and insert a small piece of cotton underneath to hold the nail away from the skin. If you don’t notice any improvement after several days of home treatment, and if the pain and inflammation are getting worse, you should schedule an appointment with your foot doctor.

Ways to avoid getting ingrown toenails

One of the best ways to avoid an ingrown toenail is by making sure you are carefully cutting your toenails straight across, rather than on a curve. This procedure will help keep the edge of the nail away from the tender skin at the edge of your toe. Also, be certain that your shoes have ample room in the toe box area to avoid stress and pressure on the toes. High heeled shoes are notorious for causing ingrown toenails, and should be worn infrequently or not at all.

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