A condition that we see patients for frequently at Podiatry Center of New Jersey is bunions. A bunion is a deformity of the toe joint that occurs when the bone moves out of proper alignment and the toe begins to drift toward the adjacent toe producing the telltale bump or bony enlargement at the side of the toe. While bunions most frequently form at the base of the big toe, they can also occur on the base of the little toe. These are known as Tailor’s Bunions.

Bunions are a progressive condition and left untreated will only get worse over time. As a bunion enlarges it will become increasingly uncomfortable to wear shoes which press on the bunion. Other secondary conditions may also develop such as hallux valgus (overlapping toes) or hallux abducto valgus (toe twists or rotates inward) as well as corns and calluses.

Who Gets Bunions

Bunions often stem from a neuromuscular or biomechanical problem with your feet. Risk for developing bunions is increased by:

  • Congenital defects and heredity
  • Overpronation, flat feet or other neuromuscular problems that impact your feet
  • Recurring stress to your foot
  • Wearing tight shoes with narrow toe boxes and/or high heels
  • Previous foot injuries
  • Arthritis

Early Treatment Key

If you think your toe appears to be moving out of position or you are experiencing pain, redness or tenderness at the base of your toe contact us for an appointment. Our podiatrists have several treatment options ranging from anti-inflammatory medications and custom orthotics to surgery to slow the progression and correct a bunion.

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