Having diabetes does not mean that you can’t enjoy all of the delicious foods that fall has to offer! From hearty soups to sweet treats, we have a list of some popular meals for everyone to enjoy.




Paying attention to your diet is just one of the many ways you can manage your diabetes. Complications related to diabetes are common, especially in the skin and feet, so having a team of experienced physicians to help you prevent issues are important in maintaining your overall health! A podiatrist is someone who can help with all foot and ankle related problems, and seeing one regularly is an effective way to prevent problems like infections, neuropathy, and ulcers.

Podiatry Center of New Jersey in Wayne is equipped with an advanced modern office and a dedicated podiatrist Dr. Russell Samofal and compassionate staff. Dr. Samofal has expertise in diabetes related issues and other common conditions such as foot deformities, heel pain, sports injuries, and arthritis. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (973) 925-4111!