Diabetes Dilemmas: 3 Winter Warnings

  Podiatry Center of New Jersey appreciates the opportunity to provide patient education, so when temperatures drop, we advise that you maintain a higher standard of foot care. The reason is simple: Colder weather can exacerbate some problems with skin, blood flow, and nerve damage that are frequent offenders in a podiatry practice! At this time of […]

Avoiding Diabetes Complications

For patients with diabetes, we at Podiatry Center of New Jersey know that one of the primary concerns is avoiding complications. The feet, being the part of the body farthest from the heart, have the hardest time healing, especially when poor circulation is present as is often the case in patients with diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy […]

9 Ways to Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

It’s American Diabetes Month, and at the Podiatry Center of New Jersey, it’s a great opportunity for us to share some information about this disease which affects more than 37 million adults and children in the US, and how crucial diabetic foot care is. Diabetes is associated with poor circulation and neuropathy, which can cause numerous podiatric […]

Diabetic Feet Are at Risk

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you probably have a lot to deal with: new medications, modifications to your diet, lifestyle changes, and more. Our podiatrists are aware that it can all seem overwhelming yet want to take this opportunity to encourage you to add just one more thing to the list of ways […]

4 Foot Care Essentials for Treating Diabetes

While it’s always a good idea to regularly monitor and care for your feet, in recognition of American Diabetes Month we’d like to reach out with this advice for all of our patients who are managing this potential dreadful disease. Fortunately, with proper medication, diet, exercise, and regular visits to your podiatrist, you can minimize […]

Diabetes Can Cause Your Feet To Become Numb

Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. One of the first major symptoms of this dreadful affliction is peripheral neuropathy (numbness) caused by nerve damage. The damage to the nerves is a result of excess sugar circulating in the blood. Some symptoms of diabetic nerve damage include: Numbness Shooting, burning, or pins and needles pain in […]