Men have a tendency to neglect the overall health of their feet much more so than women, and tend to suffer from the following three issues at a high rate. This unnecessary suffering is too bad, since these conditions can either often be treated at home or by your foot care professional.

Here are three foot problems that affect men more frequently than they affect women:

#1—Smelly feetMen tend to have more issues with sweaty, smelly feet than women. Your feet contain a huge array of sweat glands, and the fateful combination of excess sweating and wearing the same shoes every day creates a perfect environment for the proliferation of odor causing bacteria and fungal infections. By allowing your shoes to completely dry out between wearings, you can help eliminate this threat. Using socks made of breathable materials like cotton also help to decrease sweating and fight odor.

#2—Ingrown toenailsMen tend to be less precise when cutting their toenails. Cutting your nails too short or on a curve is a major cause of ingrown toenails since the poorly cut nail can grow under the skin causing pain, bleeding, and possible infection.

#3—Corns & callusesCorns and calluses are created as the bodies’ response to friction and pressure, usually caused by poorly fitting footwear. Untreated corns and calluses can become thicker and more painful. Corn cushions and pads can help to isolate corns and improve the healing response. Soaking and gentle scrubbing with a pumice stone or nail file will also help.

If you have poor circulation and numbness caused by diabetes, you should leave corn and callus treatment up to your foot doctor to avoid possible infection complications from improper cutting.

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