Choosing and wearing the right shoes is one of the best ways you can keep your feet happy and healthy, and the benefits extend right up your spine to your knees, hips, and back. The correct footwear will provide the necessary comfort and support for work, sporting, and leisure activities.

3 fabulous tips for selecting the right shoes include:

  1. Choose natural and breathable fibers—Natural fibers like canvas and leather are flexible and breathable and allow a more natural movement. This helps your feet to air out which prevents blisters, rashes, and infections from fungi and bacteria. Infections are a major cause of foot complications, especially in patients who have diabetes.
  2. Deeper heel cups help support your foot—Your heel bone is curved and needs a deep heel cup in your shoe to ensure the correct support. With each step you take, this deep heel cup will surround your heel bone, providing the support and foundation that also helps your knees, hips, and back.
  3. Proper foot, ball and arch support—Shoes that provide metatarsal dome support will help equalize imbalances over a wider area that includes the shallow arch in the ball of your foot and will help prevent problems including metatarsalgia and sesamoiditis. Properly supporting your arches with sturdy, well-fitted shoes is essential for your overall health, not just the health of your feet.

Your foot doctor can perform a computerized gait analysis to help determine your foot type. At Podiatry Center of New JerseyDr. Russell Samofal treats a variety of conditions such as sports injuries, diabetic foot problemspediatric foot conditions, toe deformities, arthritisnail fungus, arch problems and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies and a dedicated staff, Podiatry Center of New Jersey provides individualized high quality care for patients all across Morris, Passaic, Bergen and Essex counties. For all your foot and ankle problems, contact our Wayne office at (973) 925-4111 for an appointment.