What Happens When We Wear Flip-Flops?

Flip-flops are a staple of summer fashion, but what people don’t realize is they can cause damage. A shoe like this causes rubbing between your toes, and without support or cushioning, your feet slam into the ground when you walk. Your toes will curl when you walk as well, which makes you take shorter and […]

Beware of the Dreaded Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is quite common and will occur when the corner of a nail grows into your skin. The result is pain, swelling, or an infection that can lead to more significant issues. If you have diabetes, you will have to be especially careful as you are at a greater risk of complications than […]

4 Ways High Heels Can Hurt Your Feet

More and more women are realizing that wearing high heeled shoes isn’t really worth the high fashion associated with them. Celebrities like Oprah have come out against them and many ladies are opting to wear them only on special occasions. Wearing high heeled shoes causes an enormous amount of excess pressure on the feet and […]

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

Choosing and wearing the right shoes is one of the best ways you can keep your feet happy and healthy, and the benefits extend right up your spine to your knees, hips, and back. The correct footwear will provide the necessary comfort and support for work, sporting, and leisure activities. 3 fabulous tips for selecting […]