Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous growths that appear as small bumps on the top of your foot. They are soft, immovable, fluid-filled sacs and they may grow just beneath the surface of the skin which makes them hard to detect and diagnose. They tend to grow on a ligament, tendon, or muscle, and are frequently found in groups. The fluid inside the cyst is jelly-like and very sticky. Cysts can often change size and even disappear only to return later, but the actual cause is difficult to determine. When a ganglion cyst grows on a nerve, you may notice a tingling sensation that extends into your toes.

In the majority of cases, a ganglion cyst doesn’t cause too much trouble, and they don’t always cause pain, so treatment isn’t always necessary. However, any growth on your foot should be evaluated by your foot doctor to make sure it isn’t cancerous. Treatment of cysts may include removing the fluid with a needle and injecting a steroid solution to keep the cyst from coming back. Custom-fitted orthotic inserts can help decrease pressure on the cyst and allow healing to commence.

Always monitor unusual bumps on your feet, and if they decrease in size and return multiple times, or if they cause pain and discomfort when you wear shoes, then see your podiatrist.

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