Corns and calluses are created by thickened layers of skin that most commonly form on your hands, fingers, toes, and heels. When they appear on your feet, it is usually the result of excess friction and pressure created by poorly-fitted shoes or sandals.

Calluses, which tend to be much larger than corns, are commonly located on the bottoms of the feet and in the sole or ball regions. Heel fissures occur when a large callus splits open, creating an avenue for infection to take hold. Calluses feel very rough and hardened, whereas corns are generally much smaller and are comprised of a hard center surrounded by tender and swollen skin.

The treatment options for corns and calluses include:

  • Properly-fitting shoes—Avoid tight-fitting footwear that can create excess pressure. Loose fitting shoes should also be avoided since they may cause rubbing and irritation. Wearing breathable socks with your shoes and sandals will help to decrease friction.
  • Cushioning—Padding and protective insoles can isolate corns and provide pain relief.
  • Skin removal—Pumice stones or emery boards can be used to safely remove dead skin.
  • Acid peels—Application of salicylic acid liquid or patches may be used to dissolve the hardened skin. These can be used in conjunction with emery files.

For patients who have diabetes, foot deformities, or other health problems that can cause decreased blood flow or numbness, it is always best to consult with a podiatrist before performing treatment on your own to help avoid any problems that may be caused by bleeding or infection. Just a small cut can quickly turn into a serious issue that could even lead to amputation.

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