A large wart on the bottom of your foot right where the ball or heel of your foot is located can be a very painful occurrence. These warts, which are called plantar warts, are often forced inward and underneath the skin due to all the weight and pressure. Oftentimes you will just see a bump in the skin that indicates the location. There is also severe pain in the area whenever you take a step.

Plantar warts are not usually a major health problem, but they can cause considerable pain and discomfort and may be difficult to treat.

Treatments for painful plantar warts include the following:

  • Peeling away layers of the thick skin and wart with a combination of abrasives and acid peeling solutions. These are available at your store or pharmacy.
  • Your foot doctor has other treatments available including the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart which makes it easier to remove. This therapy is often combined with acid peeling and will probably take several treatments to completely remove the wart.
  • Antiviral medication that attacks the human papillomavirus which is a known cause of warts on the skin can also be prescribed.

You can avoid getting warts by using commonsense methods to avoid exposure to the virus that causes them. Always protect your feet by wearing sandals or shower shoes when using public facilities like gyms and locker rooms.

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