Fungal and bacterial conditions such as toenail funguswarts, and athlete’s foot can be exceedingly annoying and unsightly. They can also create a serious medical problem if peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, or another condition reduces your circulation or suppresses your immune system. At Podiatry Center of New Jersey, we know that foot infections increase in the summer. Below are some do’s and don’ts for avoiding foot infections this summer.

Do: know the symptoms of common foot infections. Those involving the skin typically include itching, dry or flaky skin, redness, and sometimes blisters. Fungal toenails may appear discolored, thick, or crumbly at the edges. Inspect feet daily for signs of infection.

Don’t: walk barefoot in public places—fungal infections spread by direct contact. Pool decks, changing areas, and public restrooms are environments where fungal infections thrive because they love moist, humid places with lots of barefoot traffic. For this reason, keeping your feet covered by using flip-flops or shower shoes in these settings is an important weapon in fighting fungal infections.

Do: wash your feet daily with warm soapy water.

Don’t: share items that have touched other people’s feet. Infectious material can cling to fabric and footwear. Avoid using anyone else’s shoes, socks, towels, and nail clippers.

Do: prevent spreading in your home if a family member contracts a fungal foot infection. It means separate towels, no bed-sharing, and disinfecting the shower or tub after the infected person bathes.

Do: be observant at the nail salon if you get professional pedicures. Cleaning whirlpool tubs after each customer is essential. Clippers, cuticle trimmers and other tools should be disinfected as well. Bringing your own tools is an even better choice.

Don’t: wait to seek a medical evaluation from one of our podiatrists if you notice any signs of a fungal infection. Contact us for an appointment as soon as possible so any infection can be diagnosed and treated promptly.

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