When the whole sole of your foot comes into contact with the ground when you walk or stand, then you have flat feet. This foot abnormality is also known as fallen arches. By wetting your feet and then standing on a flat surface you can see if your arches fall all the way to the ground because there will just be a solid wet spot instead of a clear space where the arch would normally be.

Your arch forms from the tendons that connect your heel and foot bones. This area absorbs a lot of the shock and the force of your body as it moves, so when it is not functioning properly a wide variety of ailments may ensue.

Although some people have flat feet and don’t have any symptoms, the majority of people will experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort in your heel and arch areas
  • Your feet get tired easily
  • You have difficulty standing on your tippy toes
  • You are experiencing leg, knee, hip, and back pain

While some people are born with flat feet, some other causes include:

  • Stretched or torn tendons
  • Broken bones
  • Various types of arthritis
  • Nerve problems

To reduce the pain and inflammation caused by fallen arches avoid high impact sports and walking on hard surfaces like concrete until your arch is properly healed and supported with a properly fitted shoe. During a comprehensive examination, your foot doctor can perform a gait analysis to see how to properly support your arch. Icing and rest, physical therapy, stretching exercises, and orthotic shoe inserts may also be recommended.

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