Your feet really take a beating over the years, so it’s important to be aware of what to expect as your feet age and to remember that you have to keep your feet and the rest of your body in good shape to get you through your golden years.

Here is list of some of those conditions and difficulties most of us will one day face:

Arthritis—Inflammation of the joints caused by everyday wear and tear takes a toll on your feet. Frequently the joint of the big toe is one of the first to be severely affected, along with the ankle joint. Other toe deformities such as bunions and hammertoes are made worse by arthritis.

Foot and ankle swelling—As we age, hormonal changes can cause the feet to swell. Peripheral artery disease, leg vein issues and some medications can contribute to this inflammation.

Balance and coordination difficulties—caused by complications from diabetes and other age related factors may lead to falls. Moore Balance Braces are custom made ankle foot orthotics that provide stability and support and help prevent falls by minimizing abnormal ankle movements.

Lesions and other skin problems—Benign and cancerous skin lesions are more likely to appear on the feet and ankles as we age. These should be evaluated by your foot doctor. Other skin issues include cracked heels, corns and calluses caused by the drying out of the skin.

Toenail problems—Your toenails will get thicker and more brittle making them harder to trim correctly and increasing the chances of ingrown toenails and fungal infection.

Tendon and ligament strain—As your tendons and ligaments lose strength and flexibility in the aging process, you may experience fallen arches, tendonitis, and muscle sprains and strains.

Despite the fact that we can’t stop the aging process, we still can take good care of our feet and slow the process down, so it’s vital that you have your foot and ankle needs evaluated by a foot care professional.

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