A Fibroma Can Cause Arch Pain

A plantar fibroma is a condition caused by a thickening of the fibrous tissue on the bottom of your foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. As the fibroma grows, nodules may appear on the fibrous filaments that combine to make your arch, causing your toes to bend and stiffen.

Check Your Feet for Heart Problems

February is American Heart Month so what better time to raise awareness of heart health and how it relates to the health of your feet. For example, circulation abnormalities like peripheral artery disease (PAD) often first exhibit symptoms of swelling and muscle cramps in the lower legs and feet. In fact, claudication (pain and/or cramping […]

3 Causes of Overlapping Toes

When pressure forces your toes together in the front of your shoes, it can cause one or more toes to overlap. Initially, this may only be a minor cause of pain and discomfort. As the condition worsens and the toes overlap further and with more force, the formation of painful corns and blisters often occurs. […]

4 Signs of a Fungal Toenail Infection

Fungal infections can be difficult to treat and may return if adequate and ongoing treatment is not provided. The microbes that cause the condition thrive in the moist and warm environment inside your shoes. Switching out your shoes several times a week will help them to dry between uses to help kill the fungi. You […]