The tarsal tunnel is a hollow area of your foot near the ankle joint that provides passage for the nerves, tendons, and blood vessels that extend into the rest of your foot. A large nerve that passes through this area is the posterior tibial nerve. This nerve can become pinched and stressed from external pressure and from diseases including arthritis and diabetes, causing a painful condition called tarsal tunnel syndrome.

The resulting discomfort and tingling can be extremely debilitating making it hard to walk. Spraining your ankle and having untreated flat feet can also contribute to tarsal tunnel trouble.

3 simple treatments for tarsal tunnel syndrome include the following:

  • Resting and cold therapy—Resting the affected foot and applying a cold pack will help to reduce inflammation and swelling around the nerve, thereby decreasing pain and tingling.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes with a wide toe box—Have your feet properly measured each time you buy shoes. Make sure you choose shoes with a wide toe box and low heel cup to relieve pressure on the forefoot and provide room for orthotic inserts.
  • Custom orthotic inserts—Custom made shoe inserts fit your exact foot shape and will correct any arch problems and decrease nerve compression.

If you have a burning and tingling sensation in your foot, you may have a tarsal tunnel nerve condition that needs to be treated by your foot doctor. At Podiatry Center of New Jersey, Dr. Russell Samofal, Dr. Dolan Chowdhury, Dr. Jaclyn Ramirez, Dr. Magdalena Marcinek, and Dr. Chris A. Obiarinze treat a variety of conditions such as sports injuries, diabetic foot problems, pediatric foot conditions, toe deformities, arthritis, nail fungus, arch problems and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies and a dedicated staff, Podiatry Center of New Jersey provides individualized high-quality care for patients all across Morris, Passaic, Bergen and Essex counties. For all your foot and ankle problems, contact our Wayne office at (973) 925-4111 for an appointment.