Plantar fasciitis occurs when you have a great deal of tension and stress on the area. Small tears will occur, and when this happens repeatedly, it can lead to complications. If you notice that you are experiencing a stabbing pain near the heel or discomfort after you wake up or stand for long periods, chances are you have this issue. While there are many ways to prevent plantar fasciitis, knowing the risk factors will help you avoid this issue.

Risk Factors

  • Your foot shape—if you experience high arches or flat feet, you are at risk for because of the way you walk. Your weight is distributed differently when you stand and exercise.
  • Your age—if you are above the age of forty, you will be at a higher risk, but when you reach the age of sixty, the chances spike even more.
  • Your work—when you work on your feet all day, such as construction, factory workers, athletes, teachers, and careers of that nature, you will put excess stress on the plantar fascia, which can cause this issue to come forth.
  • Your workout—when you exercise, activities that will place stress on your tissue and heel, like running or kickboxing, will contribute to this issue. Other activities that can cause plantar fasciitis are ballet, dancing, and specific martial arts.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, don’t ignore it. Leaving it untreated will hinder your walking and everyday activities. If you can change the way you walk, your pain might be relieved momentarily; however, you may experience back pain, knee pain, and postural problems. That is why it is essential to go to a podiatrist immediately. They will show you the proper way to walk without compromising your health.

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