If you are a person who consistently has damp shoes, you should know that this will cause a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. The most significant indicators that you might have gotten this ailment are feelings of itching, burning, and noticing a red, scaly rash. While it commonly appears on feet, it can occur in other places, too, if you are not careful. The good news is that this condition is easily treatable.

Keeping Athlete’s Foot Away from Your Feet

  • Flip-flops aren’t just for summer—wearing flip-flops in places like public showers and gym locker rooms will help keep bacteria from spreading. You should also wear flip-flops at the pool.
  • Never use anyone else’s shoes—sharing shoes or socks spreads the infection and raises the risk of catching one in the first place.
  • Change your socks daily—in some cases; you will need to change them up to three times a day. It depends on the amount of sweating you are doing. Changing your socks regularly keeps your feet nice and dry.
  • Drying your feet—no matter where you are, you need to ensure that you have dried your feet thoroughly — especially in between your toes. Bacteria and fungus love moist areas, so you need to be careful and ensure that your feet are totally dry.
  • Antifungal powder—powder is another way to treat your feet and ensure that they are dry and safe from bacteria. If foot powder alone isn’t enough, your podiatrist can recommend a powder that works on your shoes themselves.

If you have athlete’s foot, don’t let it get worse. See a podiatrist immediately to help you get your feet in the best shape possible.

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