Dealing with pesky plantar warts is the last thing you want to do while you’re trying to enjoy the summer season. Since they can be particularly troublesome during the hot summer months when your feet are more exposed and prone to infection, Podiatry Center of New Jersey has outlined effective tips to prevent plantar warts and keep your feet healthy during hot weather.

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Clean your feet with soap and water every day, especially after spending time in public places. Make sure to dry your feet completely, including between the toes, to prevent a damp environment where HPV (the virus that causes these warts) can thrive.

Wear Protective Footwear (and Try to Avoid Going Barefoot!)

Always wear flip-flops or sandals in public showers, pools, locker rooms, and other communal areas. Choose shoes made from breathable materials to reduce moisture and keep your feet dry.

Use Antiperspirant

Apply an antiperspirant designed for feet to reduce sweating and keep your feet dry.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Use your own towel and avoid sharing it with others. Don’t share shoes or socks with others, as this can spread the virus.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to support your immune health. Stay active to boost your immune system and overall health while also ensuring you get enough rest to help your body fend off infections.

Treat Cuts and Scrapes

Immediately clean any cuts or scrapes on your feet with soap and water. Apply an antiseptic to prevent infection and cover the wound with a bandage.

Be Cautious in Warm, Moist Environments

Take extra precautions in these environments by wearing protective footwear and drying your feet thoroughly afterward.

Disinfect Footwear and Surfaces

Regularly disinfect the insides of your shoes and any surfaces your feet frequently contact, such as bathmats.

Plantar warts can definitely get in the way of summer fun! If you’re dealing with this condition and want to find relief, the expert team at Podiatry Center of New Jersey is always here to give you advice and support. Give us a call at (973) 925-4111 or make an appointment online so you can take a step toward finding relief!