For some skin cancers, detecting the obvious and hidden signs of the cancer in the early stages is extremely important to successful treatment. Having routine foot inspections with your podiatrist to monitor skin and toenail anomalies is a great way to catch cancer before it spreads. Cancers can look like other skin problems like blood blisters and warts, so don’t take any chances.

Two of the skin cancers that can affect your feet include the following:

  • Kaposi’s sarcoma—This is a skin cancer that exhibits purple or brown lesions on the surface while out-of-control cell growth happens underneath the skin. These tumors cause no pain in some people which can make them very difficult to detect if they are hidden under a toenail, for example. See your foot doctor regularly to have toenail problems and other abnormalities investigated.
  • Malignant melanoma—Melanoma is an extremely invasive and aggressive skin cancer that is very difficult to treat after it has spread. The tumors grow inward and may only show a little on the surface. Oftentimes they are detected after metastasis has occurred, which is why this cancer is among the most fatal.

Always try to be vigilant and check for unusual swelling or odd-looking growths on the skin of your feet and ankles (and the rest of your body), keeping in mind that cancer can mimic benign growths like warts and moles.

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