Because young bones, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues are still in the developmental stages they are more susceptible to injury from stress and pressure. It’s always a good idea to have kids get regular check-ups with their foot doctor to catch pediatric foot problems before they get worse.

3 foot problems that often affect kids include the following:

  • Sever’s diseaseThere is a growth plate on the heel that can become swollen and very painful when the development of the plate doesn’t correspond to the growth of the bone. This is similar to Osgood-Schlatter’s disease which affects the knee joints. Kids will eventually grow out of these problems, but sports and other stressful activities need to be curtailed until that time.
  • Ankle sprain—Kids get a lot of ankle sprains and strains. Since the ligaments and tendons that support the ankle joint are in the developmental stages, they can be easily stretched and even broken causing severe pain and swelling. Always have sprains treated properly by your foot doctor to avoid future and chronic instability issues.
  • Achilles tendonitisThe Achilles tendon connects the calf to the heel. Kids often injure this tendon playing sports. At the first sign of a tendon injury, stop to evaluate the situation so it doesn’t become substantially worse by trying to play through the pain.

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