Podiatry Center of New Jersey works with families every step of the way, so we know that for parents, it’s fairly common to watch children’s foot health with a few worries in mind. After all, if feet, toes, and arches don’t develop just right, it can lead to problems that hinder active lives, taking the joy out of activities like youth sports or outdoor playtime.

No two feet are the same, whatever age you might be. However, there are some excellent solutions available that take this uniqueness into account, and one of them is particularly effective in helping out with pediatric healthcare concerns. We’re talking, of course, about custom orthotics.

For this post, we’ll detail how to manage six of the most common pediatric podiatry woes we see with this sole-supporting treatment method. Onward to fitter feet!

  1. Flat Feet:

Flat feet, where the inner arch collapses, are surprisingly common in children. While often outgrown, they can cause pain, fatigue, and awkward gait. Custom orthotics with arch support gently cradle the foot, promoting proper alignment and development.

  1. In-toeing (Pigeon Toes):

Turning in the feet can be a normal developmental phase, but if it persists past age 4, it may indicate underlying muscle imbalances. Orthotics with medial wedges guide the feet outwards, encouraging correct alignment and preventing future complications.

  1. Out-toeing (Duck Feet):

While less common, excessive outward turning can also lead to gait issues and ankle instability. Custom orthotics with lateral wedges gently adjust the foot position, promoting a natural, balanced stride.

  1. Sever’s Disease:

This heel pain, common in active children aged 8-14, arises from inflammation of the growth plate. Orthotics with heel pads absorb shock and distribute pressure, easing pain and allowing kids to stay active.

  1. Metatarsalgia:

Pain in the ball of the foot can be caused by improper weight distribution or tight-fitting shoes. Custom orthotics with metatarsal pads provide cushioning and support, alleviating pain and preventing future wear and tear.

We love working with kids to ensure the health of growing feet, and with orthotics, we can often correct pediatric podiatry issues before they become more complex. Interested? Come see the results for yourself!

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