While the majority of cancers and growths that appear on the feet are benign, some skin cancers are very aggressive and can spread to other parts of the body through your blood. It’s important to be sure to have anomalies investigated by your podiatrist.

3 common types of skin cancer that can affect your feet may include:

  • Malignant melanoma—While melanoma is a less common form of cancer, it is also one of the most aggressive. It frequently goes unnoticed since it has a tendency to grow inward rather than on the surface. It can even form under your toenail. Always have any skin growths or lesions checked by your foot doctor since cancer often mimics other problems.
  • Basal cell carcinoma—This type of skin cancer grows very slowly and is characterized by pink and white bumps that may appear waxy. As this cancer develops and spreads, a crusty appearance will be evident and there may be some bleeding but no pain.
  • Squamous cell tumors—Squamous cells are in the top layers of skin. When they become cancerous a small spike is often visible sticking up from the affected area.

Whenever you notice skin lesions and other skin conditions on your feet, be sure to have your foot doctor take a look to see if cancer testing is necessary. A small piece of the growth is sent to a lab for analysis. Melanoma in particular needs to be caught early to prevent spreading through the blood and lymphatic systems.

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