Reading Your Shoes

Everyday the average American walks 8,000 steps a day, so it’s no surprise that our shoes and feet can get worn down. Looking at the soles of your shoes can tell you a lot about your individual feet, like how you walk.   When you walk, the weight of your body naturally shifts from the […]

Exercising With Joint Pain

When you experience pain in your joints, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to keep up with exercise, but research shows that regular exercise can decrease inflammation, fatigue, and pain while increasing blood flow, muscle strength, and quality of sleep. You may not be able to run or play sports like you used to, […]

How to Prevent Nail Problems

Did you know that nails can be an indicator of your overall health? Deficiencies and health problems can often result in abnormalities in your nails, so paying attention to your nail health and preventing nail issues are important! The most common nail problems are ingrown toenails and nail fungus, which can be especially problematic for […]

Preventing Common Baseball Injuries

The start of spring coincides with the start of baseball season, and many athletes young and old are participating in this popular sport. Compared to a contact sport like football it may not seem dangerous, but there are many common foot and ankle injuries that can result if proper prevention and care are not taken. […]