How To Prevent Sports Injuries in Children

As children participate in sports at younger and younger ages, and with the increase in intensive training and competitions, a pronounced spike in visits to the podiatrist’s office for foot and ankle injuries in children has been documented. The following suggestions will help to avoid many of these injuries and doctor visits: Proper footwear—Properly selected […]

Always Treat Ankle Sprains Promptly

Ankle injuries often occur unexpectedly in everyday situations, whether it’s from tripping over a curb or coming down awkwardly in a tennis match. When the ligaments and tendons that connect the joints and bones in the ankle become overstretched or ripped, you can expect the onset of extreme pain, swelling and difficulty in walking. If […]

3 Common Foot Problems For Men

Men have a tendency to neglect the overall health of their feet much more so than women, and tend to suffer from the following three issues at a high rate. This unnecessary suffering is too bad, since these conditions can either often be treated at home or by your foot care professional. Here are three […]

What is Overpronation?

While people who run often for exercise are more prone to foot aches and pains in general, if you have untreated overpronation this pain and discomfort can also create havoc with your knees, hips, and back. Your podiatrist can perform a computerized gait analysis to see if you overpronate. What is Overpronation? As you walk […]

Diabetes Increases Amputation Risk

As anyone who has diabetes knows, the disease puts you at a higher risk of experiencing problems with your feet, including the increased risk of amputation if proper foot care guidelines are not followed. The decreased blood flow and loss of feeling in the feet makes even minor cuts a potential source of severe infection, […]