Hammer, Mallet, and Claw Toes

These are the names given to toes when they become abnormally bent. It can be attributed to an imbalance in the toe muscles and tendons, tight fitting shoes, injury, or certain diseases that exacerbate the tendency of the toes to bend in the shape of a hammer or mallet. A hammertoe bends at the middle […]

Metatarsal Syndrome

Also called metatarsalgia, this condition strikes the bones and tissues in the ball of your foot—the front part of the bottom of your foot that lies just behind your toes—causing extreme pain and discomfort and often described as feeling like you have a pebble in your shoe. There are many factors to consider when diagnosing […]

Bunion Complications

Bunions are a fairly common foot deformity that usually affects the joint of the big toe, but the pinky toe may also be affected. The bunion (or bunionette when it appears on your pinky toe) appears as an enlarged bump on the side or top of the big toe. Initially, there may not be much […]

Morning Heel Pain

Experiencing severe pain in your heel just when you get up in the morning is not exactly the most fabulous way to begin your day. Although a minor pain in the heel may be nothing serious, there are a variety of painful and debilitating heel conditions that may require the help of your podiatrist to […]