Choosing the Best Basketball Sneaker

With the NCAA’s March Madness well under way, there is currently a lot of focus on basketball! Many fans not only like to watch the game but also participate in the sport themselves. Like all sports, it is important to have the proper footwear to minimize injuries, so here is a guide to choosing the […]

Tips for Running Outdoors

Are you thinking about starting up running, or are you an indoor runner ready to venture outside? Running as a beginner can seem daunting, but with these tips you can overcome the initial challenges of running outdoors and avoid injuries and unrealistic expectations! Go slow – Whether you’ve been running on treadmills or running for […]

Foot & Ankle Exercises for Seniors

Each year, over 2 million seniors end up in the emergency room for injuries related to falling, which often result in fractures, sprains, and other potentially serious injuries. Therefore, it is important to incorporate strengthening exercises to help with your balance to avoid tripping and falling. Regularly incorporating the following foot and ankle exercises into […]

Best Shoes for Bunions

Shoe shopping can be a time-consuming and exhausting activity if you’re not sure what exactly you are looking for. Walking into a shoe store only to be met with too many options and pushy salespeople can make the experience overwhelming as well. However, shoes are extremely important for your daily activity and foot health, so […]