4 Surprising Ways to Improve Foot Health

At Podiatry Center of New Jersey, we often provide our patients with information on how to take better care of their feet such as wearing shoes that fit properly, proper podiatric hygiene, and exercises for feet and ankles. However, there are other ways to improve podiatric health that may surprise you because at first, they […]

Back to School Shoe Shopping 101

It’s time for that quintessential end-of-summer ritual: back-to-school shoe shopping! At Podiatry Center of New Jersey, we believe this is an outing worth studying for. After all, getting the right shoes for your child is probably the biggest step you can take in proactively maintaining good podiatric health and allowing young feet to develop correctly. Below […]

FAQs about Hammertoes

Summer is a good time to talk about a condition we at Podiatry Center of New Jersey treat often—hammertoes. Why summer? The quintessential summer shoe, flip-flops, can increase the risk for this toe deformity. Below are some frequently asked questions about hammertoes and their treatment. Q: What causes hammertoes? A: An imbalance between the muscles […]

Help Kids Stay in Shape Over Summer

With only about a month to go before school and fall sports start up again, we at Podiatry Center of New Jersey want to encourage parents to help their children make a smooth transition by increasing physical activity now. Many foot, ankle, and other injuries occur due to a lack of proper physical conditioning. Below […]