Beat the Blister Bummer This Summer

  You’re probably familiar with this scenario: it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’re out shopping and lunching with friends when you notice a spot on your foot feeling a little irritated. There’s no chance to change shoes; before you know it, a blister has formed, and it’s so painful you must cut your day […]

Let Your Socks Save Your Feet

There are certain outfits that some people think you shouldn’t wear with socks. Some just don’t like wearing them at all. However, socks can save your feet from various problems. Issues like sweating, clammy and damp feet, peeling, cracking, and calluses could all be headed your way if you let the bacteria and fungus grow […]

Prevent Swimmer’s Toe This Summer

Swimmer’s toe occurs in the summer, and it happens when you have prolonged exposure to the swimming pool. When you swim for long periods, your feet may start to peel and crack at the bottom of your toes. The technical name for this skin condition is keratolysis exfoliativa, but most know it as swimmer’s toe. […]

Stop Painful Foot Blisters in Their Tracks

Blistering on the feet is a painful and annoying occurrence that is usually caused by pressure from rubbing on the insides of your shoes. Having a computerized gait analysis and getting properly fitted for shoes and orthotics is a great first step in preventing blisters and many other foot and ankle conditions, so see your […]