Osteoporosis and Falls

Fall Prevention Awareness Day was the first day of the fall season, which served as an opportunity to educate and raise awareness about risks and prevention related to falls in older adults. With falls being the leading cause of injuries in those over 65, knowing how to reduce your risk of falling is extremely important. […]

Preventing Football Injuries

Football season has officially started! The very popular high-contact sport is known for causing many injuries, both in the pro and amateur leagues. In fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a whopping 396,495 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms across the US in 2015 for football injuries. Sports related foot and […]

Treating Achilles Tendinitis

We often forget how much we rely on our feet and ankles in our everyday movements until we have an injury and can feel the pain and discomfort. Our ability to jump, run, and walk relies heavily on our Achilles tendon, which is the large tendon behind our heel that attaches to the calf muscles. […]

Preventing Injuries in Young Gymnasts

This year’s Rio Olympics was an incredibly inspirational event, especially for those who watched the American gymnastics team dominate for gold both as a team and as individuals. In recent years, gymnastics has soared in popularity and as a result, more and more younger individuals are practicing this very demanding sport. According to Gymnastics Rescue, […]

How Pregnancy Affects Your Feet

Pregnancy is a beautiful, transformative, and life-changing event. Along with the emotional changes and anticipation that come with experiencing a pregnancy, there are many physical changes that occur aside from the obvious growing belly. One of the most common problems that pregnant women experience is pain or discomfort in their legs and feet. What is […]