Foot Ulcers Can Quickly Worsen

For patients who have diabetes, the need to be particularly observant when it comes to cuts, blisters, and scrapes on their feet should be taken very seriously. Two of the most common complications of diabetes include peripheral neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, each of which can contribute to the formation of a potentially deadly foot […]

Why Is My Big Toe So Stiff?

A chronic arthritic condition called hallux rigidus—or stiff big toe—causes the joint of the big toe to become painfully inflamed and stiff, causing considerable pain, discomfort, and difficulty with simple standing, walking, and exercising. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your big toes are essential for climbing stairs and walking down the street. […]

What Is Sesamoiditis?

Two very small bones located in the ball of your foot are called sesamoid bones. When they and their surrounding soft tissue become irritated and inflamed, sesamoiditis is the result. What makes these bones unique is that they float under your foot near the big toe and are not directly connected to the surrounding bones except […]

How Orthotics Can Help Your Feet

Some of the best methods for preventing foot and ankle problems in the first place are to be sure to use the proper footwear, stretch before exercising, and perform regular foot inspections with the aid of your foot doctor. In addition, using the right orthotic shoe inserts and devices can provide more support and treat […]