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Always Treat Ankle Sprains Promptly

Ankle injuries often occur unexpectedly in everyday situations, whether it’s from tripping over a curb or coming down awkwardly in a tennis match. When the ligaments and tendons that connect the joints and bones in the ankle become overstretched or ripped, you can expect the onset of extreme pain, swelling and difficulty in walking. If […]

Your Feet are Telling You Something

Your feet can be barometers for your overall health since many health problems first exhibit symptoms in your feet and ankles. Catching these early signs can help you get the treatment you need before an issue progresses. Since your feet are the farthest away from your heart, signs of circulation related health problems will often […]

Common Foot & Ankle Injuries

Professional athletes may be more susceptible to injury due to the years of repetitive stress from training and competition, but you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to experience a debilitating injury.   Some of the most common injuries seen by podiatrists include:   Ankle sprains and strains—When the ligaments and tendons that support […]

Sudden Toe Pain May Be Gout

Gout used to be termed “the disease of kings” due to the fact that it strikes those individuals who consume excessive amounts of purine-containing foods including steak, organ meats, shellfish, wine, beer, and spirits—which were once only regularly available to the aristocracy. Now, anyone can get gout if they regularly consume the wrong foods and […]

Weak Ankles? Here’s Help!

If your legs and feet are sore and tired after a hard day, that’s one thing. But what if your feet and legs feel exceptionally sore and tired on a regular basis? This could be a sign that you have weak ankles. Weak ankles will cause your feet to be unstable and may create a […]

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Children

Podiatrists like Dr. Russell Samofal at Podiatry Center of New Jersey, located in Passaic County, see many children with foot and ankle problems that can arise especially from athletic activities. The following are some of the most common injuries. Acute injuries – those that occur usually as a result of a fall or sudden pressure […]

Prevent Falls With the Moore Balance Brace

Do you fall or stumble frequently during walking? Do you feel unsteady on your feet or have weakness in your ankles and feet? Are you afraid of falling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a balance problem whether it’s from arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, or aging. Studies indicate that even […]