5 Common Summer Foot Problems

Summer is in full stride here in New Jersey, and that means people are experiencing hot days and hopefully enjoying a vacation! Summer is prime time for swimming, beaches, barbecues, and plenty of opportunities to show off your feet, but it is also when there is a dramatic increase in foot and ankle problems. The […]

Flatfeet in Children

You’re watching your toddler take his or her first steps, and you are consumed with pride and joy. As he or she practices walking, perhaps you notice that the arches of the feet lay flat against the ground. You look at your own feet and start to worry because your toddler’s feet do not have […]

Tips to Prevent Diabetic Ulcers

For a person with diabetes, taking care of your feet is an important part of prevention and treatment. One common and potentially dangerous condition that diabetics must work to prevent is ulcers, which are open wounds that typically form on the bottom of the feet due to loss of sensation, excessive pressure or trauma, as […]

In-toeing and Out-toeing

As parents, you love watching your baby grow up into a toddler and seeing all of the developmental changes that happen. One of the most exciting moments is to witness your baby taking his or her first steps. It is normal for their small feet and bodies to take some time to master walking, and […]