How to Differentiate Between Corns and Calluses

  It can be difficult to decipher between certain foot conditions, especially ones that have similar characteristics. This is often the case with corns and calluses, as they are confused for one another at first glance. However, understanding the differences between corns and calluses is crucial so you can be accurately diagnosed. Podiatry Center of […]

Dealing with Corns and Calluses

At Podiatry Center of New Jersey, we find that corns and calluses are a problem that many of our patients have. Below is some information about these common conditions and what to do about them. Your Foot’s Protectors Corns and calluses are similar but different. Both develop as your foot’s protective response to ongoing pressure […]

Corns Are One Thick Little Problem

If you have older family members, the chances are high that you have seen corns before. Thick and complex, they develop as your body’s protective measure against pressure or friction. For healthy people, treatment only needs to be performed if you experience pain or discomfort. People with diabetes, however, will need to be careful as […]