Health Benefits of Hiking

Fall is a beautiful and perfect season for enjoying the cool crisp air, warm drinks, the foliage and the upcoming holiday season. One way many choose to take advantage of the fall is by hiking, whether it’s a short trail or a long expedition over many months. Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed […]

Kids Can Have Arthritis Too

World Arthritis Day marks the beginning of Bone and Joint Action Week! More than half of Americans over 18 are affected by bone and joint conditions, which often lead to chronic pain and physical disability. The goal of Bone and Joint Action Week is to bring awareness to the host of musculoskeletal diseases that affect […]

National Walk Your Dog Week

Love your dog? Want to become healthier? Well then, this week is the perfect opportunity to establish a healthy lifestyle for you and your pooch. Autumn is officially here, which means temperatures are ideal for enjoying the outdoors, so take advantage of these benefits of walking! Walking with your dog just 20 minutes at a […]