Heel Pain and How to Handle It

  Heel pain is as common as it is frustrating, and while plantar fasciitis often steals the spotlight, other sources of chronic aches can be just as limiting. Good thing the team at Podiatry Center of New Jersey has experience with a wide variety of conditions, from typical troubles to some of the most outlandish […]

Sidestep Sprains and Spare Your Ankles

  Ah, the ever-present ankle sprain. These painful twists send us hobbling for ice packs and more when they strike, which is fairly often for most folks. The question is, how can one avoid them, and what’s the best way to make them heal? Podiatry Center of New Jersey is committed to delivering the finest […]

Tame Ingrown Toenails

  Ouch! That throbbing ache radiating from your toe isn’t your imagination – it’s an ingrown toenail rearing its ugly head. These seemingly small-scale irritants can actually balloon into something bigger, leading to stubborn infections and persistent pain. Whatever the ailment you might be suffering from, the team at Podiatry Center of New Jersey is […]