Holiday Foot Care Travel Kit

No doubt many of us are traveling this holiday to celebrate with family and friends. When you are away from home, it can be challenging to continue your usual routine, but packing a travel kit with your foot care essentials can be a great and easy way to keep your feet happy and healthy! Moisturizer […]

Choosing Your Winter Boot

As winter approaches the New England area, many people may be considering buying a winter boot to get through the snowy winter season. It may seem like purchasing winter boots isn’t as important as buying an athletic shoe, but ensuring that your feet are protected well from the harsh winter elements is important and will […]

Reducing Risk of Amputation in Diabetics

Did you know that the most common reason for hospitalization among people with diabetes is for amputations, and not for high blood glucose episodes or circulatory issues? Diabetics have higher risks of foot complications due to the development of neuropathy (nerve damage), which can result in the loss of sensation. When foot injuries like blisters […]

Diabetes: How to Examine Your Feet

American Diabetes Month is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself and others on the risks and conditions related to diabetes, which results in chronic high blood glucose levels. There are over 30 million Americans who have diabetes, and as a result, are at risk for many complications. Foot complications are especially common due to nerve […]

Healthy Fall Recipes for Diabetes

Having diabetes does not mean that you can’t enjoy all of the delicious foods that fall has to offer! From hearty soups to sweet treats, we have a list of some popular meals for everyone to enjoy. Breakfast Pumpkin-Apple Quick Oatmeal – Warm, sweet and filling way to start off your day! Pear-Ginger Pancakes – […]

Pedicure Safety Tips for Diabetics

It’s not uncommon for people to fantasize about sinking into a relaxing chair while someone pampers their feet. Who wouldn’t? Getting a pedicure is the ultimate proof that you are taking time to take care of yourself by beautifying your feet. For people with diabetes who often have foot complications and higher chances of developing […]

Health Benefits of Hiking

Fall is a beautiful and perfect season for enjoying the cool crisp air, warm drinks, the foliage and the upcoming holiday season. One way many choose to take advantage of the fall is by hiking, whether it’s a short trail or a long expedition over many months. Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed […]